Flood Insight

Flood coverage is not included in your homeowners or dwelling fire policies, but is available for purchase as a separate policy. Flood policies cover damage due to flooding, according to the guidelines established by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Just an inch or two of water in your home can cause extensive and costly damage.

Available Coverage

For homeowners, flood policies are available to insure your home (dwelling) up to $250,000 and its contents up to $100,000. If additional coverage is needed, separate excess flood insurance policies are also available for purchase.
For renters, it is recommended that tenants purchase a flood policy in addition to their renter’s policy to cover contents. Up to $100,000 of flood coverage is available for renters.

Activation Period

Don’t wait to purchase flood insurance until hurricane season or spring storms are headed your way! Flood policies are not effective until 30 days after purchase. We recommend reviewing your policy coverages on an annual basis with your insurance agent. Contact Lee County Insurance today to learn more about flood insurance policies and available options such as excess flood coverage. You may also get a multi-policy discount and save money on your homeowners (HO3) by purchasing a flood policy.

“Our blogs are for general education and information only and may not represent your unique needs. Coverages will vary. Please contact your insurance agent to verify your specific policy terms and conditions.”

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