Basic Understanding of Business Auto

Many people don’t know that Business Auto Coverage (BAC) provides protection against a broad range of hazards arising out of “autos”. This is different than “mobile equipment” Which is generally defined as automotive equipment designed for use on public roads.
You will find in the BAC two types of coverage, Liability and Physical Damage. You can also get other coverages which are basic to business auto exposures, and added by an endorsement to the policy. Each state may have different kinds of coverage, but some may be Personal Injury Protection, Medical Payments or Uninsured Motorists.
Liability coverage protects those who are “insured” from legal liability for bodily injury, property damage to others, or caused by auto accidents. Generally the insurer also agrees to defend insured against all liability claims for which coverage is afforded.
Coverage for accidental damage to those designated as “covered autos,” in your policy without regard to fault, is available through Physical Damage coverage. Physical Damage is generally broken up into subsections
The first section, collision or overturn and the second section, causes other than collision or overturn, which may be either “all-risk”, (Comprehensive) or for named perils (Specified Causes of Loss).

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