Host Liquor Liability and Your Homeowner’s Insurance

If you are hosting a party that includes alcohol in your home, you may be subject to host liquor liability. You may be held financially responsible if you serve alcohol to a guest and that guest goes on to cause harm to a third party, such as in a drunk driving accident.

Although the best way to protect yourself from liability is to not serve alcohol, there are other ways to provide some protection for yourself. Laws in this area are often specific to serving guests who appear intoxicated so it is best to not to continue to serve anyone who is obviously drunk. Setting up designated drivers or alternative transportation plans in advance can also help. For larger events, consider hiring a professional bartender who is trained in determining when and how to stop serving alcohol.

Before an event that includes alcohol, check with your homeowner’s insurance agent to determine whether your policy includes coverage for host liquor liability. In some cases, coverage may be available with specific limits on the type of events and whether alcohol is for sale. In other cases, a special rider may be required to get coverage.

If you are throwing a party, you want your guests to enjoy themselves, but don’t forget to consider their safety too. By preventing drunk driving through responsible hosting, you are protecting both yourself and your guests from the consequences of an accident. Understanding your homeowner’s policy can also give you the peace of mind of avoiding personal liability in case your other safeguards are not enough.

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