What Is MedPay On My Auto Policy

What are Medical Payments

Medical Payments, typically called MedPay coverage, could be a part of your personal auto policy.

It pays for the cost of necessary medical care you receive as a result of an auto accident, and can be used regardless of what party is at fault. MedPay often is limited to the medical treatment you receive within the first three years after a covered accident, and is limited to a specific dollar amount. In some states, MedPay only applies after all other medical insurance is exhausted. Call us to check what yours covers.

An Example

If you sustain $3,500 in injuries from an accident in which you ran into a building, and you do not have any health insurance whatsoever, in most cases this means you can use your MedPay coverage, up to the $1,000 limit you selected, for your injuries. As a result, you will be responsible for the other $2,500 in medical bills.

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