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  • Know Your Coverage

    By John Gardner | August 7, 2019

    The coverages on your homeowners insurance policy may seem like alphabet soup: A, B, C, D, E…. What are the coverages, and why are they important? Here’s a quick summary.   Coverage A: Anything involving the physical structure of your home, […]

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  • Shopping Tips for Property Insurance

    By John Gardner | July 31, 2019

    The most important tip: Think rebuilding cost, not real estate value, when insuring your home. If your home is severely damaged or destroyed, it may cost more to rebuild it than its current sales price. Shopping Tips For Property Insurance […]

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  • A Safe Workplace is Smart For Business

    By John Gardner | July 25, 2019

    As a business owner, you have the responsibility in your work environment to provide a healthy environment for the safety and welfare of your employees as well as visitors. To make your work place safer, below are some tips that […]

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  • Is Your Home Fully Insured?

    By John Gardner | July 21, 2019

    If you’re like most Americans, your home is your largest investment, so you know how important it is to protect it. You probably take safety precautions and have insurance that will cover you in case of a loss. But are […]

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  • Why Do I Need To Buy a “Renter’s Insurance” Policy?

    By John Gardner | July 17, 2019

    Last year, I heard of a story about someone who was visiting their parents in Florida.  Early one morning, 4:32 a.m., he got a call on his cell phone and the caller ID showed it to be his daughter.  (He knew very […]

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  • Keeping Your Cool While On The Road

    By John Gardner | July 13, 2019

    With so many people on the road during peak vacation months, it may be a good time to brush up on what you should do in the event you’re involved in a crash. Here are some tips that may save […]

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  • Lightning Safety Week – Surge Protection for Your Home

    By John Gardner | July 2, 2019

    At the first clap of thunder, seeking shelter indoors to avoid being struck by lightning is a priority. But it’s also important that what’s inside the structure is protected as well. According to the Lightning Protection Institute (LPI), a single […]

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  • Shedding Some Light On Car Insurance Savings

    By John Gardner | June 28, 2019

    It can be easier than you think to put the brakes on high auto insurance rates. If you contact an independent insurance agency, they can review your policy and possibly help you find a variety of illuminating ways to save […]

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