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  • Auto Insurance Coverage for Teen Drivers with Divorced Parents

    By John Gardner | December 16, 2018

    When a teenager receives her driver’s license, she often will be added to her parent’s auto insurance policy. But if her parents are divorced, teen car insurance could become a bit confusing. Insurance companies and states have different requirements regarding coverage of […]

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  • Pumpkin Safety

    By John Gardner | October 28, 2018

    Safety is key when you’re pumpkin carving with the kids for Halloween. These tips from Pumpkin Masters will help! When you’re carving pumpkins, having fun is key — but the most important thing to remember is safety, especially with kids. […]

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  • What Is MedPay On My Auto Policy

    By John Gardner | October 2, 2018

    What are Medical Payments Medical Payments, typically called MedPay coverage, could be a part of your personal auto policy. It pays for the cost of necessary medical care you receive as a result of an auto accident, and can be […]

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  • What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

    By John Gardner | September 28, 2018

    Perhaps, you have been repairing your outside deck and patio due to the wood becoming old and rotten. You mean to finish this job quickly, but it drags on. One day, you invite a friend over. He wanders onto your […]

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  • Five Prevention Tips

    By John Gardner | September 13, 2018

    It takes no time for a fire to sweep through a dwelling and destroy all of family’s possessions. While there are items that can be replaced such as appliances, clothing and furniture, those objects with sentimental value such as pictures […]

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  • Family Fire Emergency Preparation Checklist

    By John Gardner | September 4, 2018

    Contact your local Fire Department for assistance with this project. They have community liaisons to work with you on your plan. Post emergency telephone numbers by phones (fire, police, ambulance, etc.). Teach children at the earliest possible age how and […]

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  • A Growing Threat—Roots and Sewer Lines

    By John Gardner | August 10, 2018

    Ever drive down the street and see a front yard with a trench that looks like someone is dredging a channel from the front door to the street? While a select few may be installing an expensive irrigation system, most […]

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  • What is Covered by a Standard Homeowners Policy

    By John Gardner | August 5, 2018

    A standard homeowners insurance policy includes four essential types of coverage. They include: Coverage for the structure of your home. Coverage for your personal belongings. Liability protection. Additional living expenses in the event you are temporarily unable to live in […]

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